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During my junior and senior years of college, I worked as a marketing intern for my college’s marketing department. There I was apart of a variety of marketing projects. As an example, I wrote articles, designed stationery marketing material, wrote code for the website and helped produce a few videos with the help of a local design studio. Below you will find some of the video projects I helped create.

Senior Class Gift Video

To promote the awareness, and raise funds, for the senior class gift we worked on a video commercial where students around campus attempted to catch a leprechaun with tons of gold. We got one of the seniors, Emily, who was very petite in stature and dressed her up as a leprechaun. We had her walk around campus with a bucket of gold. Then we filmed scenes of students in popular areas on campus doing various activities and had them pretend to try and catch her once they saw her!

What’s so great about Elms College!

During the spring of my senior year, I participated in the filming of this commercial video. The purpose of this video was to highlight some of the best characteristics of our school. We gathered students and interviewed them around campus and had them talk about the things they loved about Elms College. We worked with a local design studio to film and edit this commercial. My primary task was to gather as many students as possible to appear in the video.


The design studio put together the following blooper video from all the shots we had.

The Winter Flash mob

To promote the Winter Madness event. Winter madness was a night event that was used to promote all the winter sports teams.

I worked with the dance team to put together a flash mob in the cafeteria at the busiest time of the day. This took weeks of preparation and was executed perfectly! Thanks to the marketing team and the media department we were able to record this from multiple angles.

The Arrival of Bolt

The idea behind the video was to create scenes that show our new mascot was on campus and hiding till his big reveal. We filmed in a manner to only show parts of the costume careful not to show too much. We also wanted to show bolt in different areas around campus. For inspiration, we looked at the Dos Equis “most interesting man in the world” commercials and also looked at a variety of the Chuck Norris jokes. We created three videos in anticipation of Bolts’ arrival and we titled all the videos like the start of a race.

Get Ready!

The first video is titled “Get Ready”. This video’s primary purpose was to promote the arrival of Bolt and raise awareness that a new mascot is here. At this time people may or may not have heard that the college was getting a mascot so we thought it would be good to release this teaser video first.

Get Set!

“Get Set” was the second video to remind students that Bolt was on campus and is planning to make a big reveal! We added some more scenes to show a little more of the costume.


“Go” is the final video of the three. We showed more of the costume in this video hoping to get students more excited. Then we released this video week of the big reveal.

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