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To TheAudience,

Born in the ’80s but raised in the ’90s I gained my appreciation for films having access to satellite cable’s offering of PayPerView movies. I spent many hours watching tv sitcoms and new films all day and night. During the summers and on breaks I would be able to watch films many times. This is where I acquired an understanding of what films I enjoy most and why.

My taste in film lies in a hunger for new ideas. I enjoy films that entertain with elaborate themes and not with cliche techniques or motifs. Films like these usually have unique plots. They are unpredictable. They are “deep”. Also, they leave you filled with emotions for days, or longer, after being watched. 

My favorite films address important issues. They typically are about history, politics, philosophy, relationship (family, friends or lovers), and behavior or culture.

I also have a great appreciation for films that display sophisticated cinematography or filming techniques. They entertain the mind through the eyes. These films carry the audience to a unique world. Or, they are able to give the audience the experience of being submerged into the setting of the film. 

In this section of TheCritic, I introduce a subcategory, “on Film”, where I bring to you my synopsizes of all of my favorite films. My hope is to encourage you to watch these films. If you have seen them, or watch them after reading one of my reviews please send me your comments on the film.

Thank you,
Armani “TheCritic”

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The Armani.

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