Tricolored Heron

This medium-sized (66 cm length) heron is often seen in belly-deep water catching killifishes and other small prey such as frogs, crustaceans and insects

Tricolored Herons sometimes follow behind Double-crested Cormorants or Pied-billed Grebes snapping up fish that they stir up.

Formerly known as the Louisiana Heron, this slender day-heron is found only in the New World, and is one of 4 North American herons…

The plumage is mostly blue-gray above and white on the belly. The front of the neck is white; the sides of the neck may be gray or purple.

Forages in shallow water by standing still and waiting for prey to approach, or by walking very slowly; sometimes more active, stirring bottom sediments with one foot, or dashing in pursuit of schools of fish. Solitary in foraging, driving away others from small “feeding territory.”

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