The Professional Shoot

These are a collection of pictures I took during my test photo shoot for AIM. I titled these “The Professional Shoot” because, if the pictures came out well enough, I intend to use for the “Professional” section of this site.

The purpose of this photoshoot was to practice for another shoot I was planning with my partners at AIM. I knew I would only have a limited time to take pictures during that shoot, so I needed to test a few ideas out on my own before hand such as.

  • Lighting – How much light could I get and how the images would be affected.
  • Different poses and positions – I wanted to try different positions and poses to see which worked best so we could take those first.
  • Set-up time – I wanted to test different setups, things such as lighting location. I also wanted to test how hard it would be to bring in a desk or other props.


I was inspired to do this shoot by the background I found at a relatives home. The background you see is actually a wall in their dining room. All I had to do was move some furniture aside and set up lights.

I took some time to do some research. I wanted to browse ideas for poses and light setups. I have taken a photo class in college so my first move was to revisit some of the textbooks I still had from class. Also a pocket guide I bought years ago with notes in it.

I also turned to some online resources for help


I used a few amateur tools for this shoot. All (minus the iPhone) of which I got off of Amazon at affordable prices.

In Practice

I attempted different poses and props. I tried simple changes like removing my jacket or tie to create different shots. I wanted to see what angles and looks would best fit my desired photo.

For Next Time

In hindsight I would of done this shoot a little different.

  1. Lighting: I would of change the lighting set up.
  2. I would have done the shots during the day instead of at night.
    • I was forced to take these photos around 1 o’clock am because it was the only time I could get the dining room uninterrupted.
  3. Stood further away from the wall.
  4. Use iPhone camera lenses or a better camera
  5. Get better equipment.

Written by 

The Armani.

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