I started my career working as a marketing intern at my Alma Mater Elms College. My primary responsibility was helping to manage the colleges website but I also helped on many other marketing projects. That experience lead to a job working for a SAAS company providing training on an enterprise website content management System titled CM1. In that role I polished my web development skills. After my time with that company I transitions into a variety of roles providing technical support for a variety of SAAS organization. Most of the software companies provided online marketing solutions.

Through this experience I was able to learn about a wide variety of business industries, website technologies, programming techniques and business organization practices. This versatility has prepared me to tackle any challenge that I face.

See more about my skills and experience below.

Progamming LanguagesHTML, CSS (Bootstrap Foundations, SASS & LESS, JS (jquery Angular), PHP, SQL
ApplicationsWordPress, Drupal, Windows IIS, Adobe {hotoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign

Professional Experience

The Associated Interactive Marketers

Plantation, Fl

Freelance Web Designer/Developer (co-founder)

02/17 – Present

In early 2017, my roommate and I came together to start a marketing consulting agency. As the head Web developer I took responsibility for providing web services. I have experience in many different web technologies such as WordPress (PHP&SQL), Drupal (PHP&SQL), Jquery (JS), Angular (JS), bootstrap (css/Sass/Less), and more. I used this knowledge to provide services to small business in industries that included e-commerce, beauty, marine and more.

Visual IQ (a Nielsen Company)

Needham, MA

Global Product Support Engineer

10/16 – 05/18

As a Global Product Support Engineer, I worked with a global team to monitor and troubleshoot Visual IQ’s production servers. Mainly monitoring and troubleshooting issues related to data ingestion from our customers into several of our products database systems.


Boston, MA

Technical Support Engineer

7/15 -11/15

My main role as TS engineer is to help onboard our new e-commerce clients onto our Criteo1 tags. These tags are made with javascript and allow our customers to track site visitors and perform retargeting advertising. This requires a deep knowledge of e-commerce CMS’s, Javascript development (DOM, cookies, AJAX and more) and cross-browser testing.

Highroads Software

Burlington, MA

Sales Engineer
10/14 – 7/15

As a Sales Engineer, I was responsible for developing and maintaining a demo prototype of our new SAAS product “P2 Advance” for our sales team. I developed this demo from scratch using programming languages such as HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and PHP. Work with product management and product development teams to help guide “P2 Advance” direction and strategy by providing them feedback given from our sales teams and customers.

Percussion Software

Woburn, MA

Customers Best Practice Coach
09/13 – 10/14

As a Customers Best Practice Coach, I provided professional services to customers by developing custom templates, widgets, and plugins for our product “CM1”. As a part of the Customer Success team, I also provided technical support and conducted 3-month long training programs for customers.

Elms College,

Chicopee, MA

Assistant Website Coordinator
09/11 – 9/13

As a Web Coordinator, my primary responsibility was to provide technical support to our Web Content Manager on the college website. I was apart of two extensive web-redesign projects where I helped to develop templates. I learned how to use two different content management systems. I also took part in a wide variety of marketing projects that involved me developing stationery designs (posters, business cards, postcards, brochures, and billboards. I produced pictures, video commercials, magazine articles, and radio ads.


Elms College, ’13

Chicopee, MA

Bachelor of Arts Computer Info & Tech

This degree involved taking classes in web programming languages. These languages varied from HTML5, CSS, and Javascript to SQL and PHP. It also included courses on Adobe Creative Suite applications. Assignments included creating small brochure sites to creating different types of marketing materials, video, photographs, and writing. While at EC I served on the Student Government Association as the class of 2013 V.P. for two years. While class V.P. I founded “Blazer Nation Club”the student club responsible for getting “Blaze” the college’s first mascot.

Groups & Organizations

  • 2 Years – Men’s Basketball Team
  • 1 year – Student government Class Vice president
  • 2 years – Blazer Nation Spirit Club Founder & President