TheArmani.com is a site dedicated to the life and times of, Me, Armani Appolon. In the pursuit of an amazing web design portfolio, I created this site.

I have categorized the content of this site into different sections that represent a different side of me. The idea is I am not just a man but a collection of ideas. The titles of each category are intended to give the impression that a persona of mine authored that article. Each persona has their own area of passion and purpose; But no name.

The Professional

TheProfessional represents the career driven, working professional me. It is the original persona and primary reason for this site. In this category are articles on my professional career. 

The Critic

 “TheCritic” represents my appreciation for art. In this category are art reviews, film reviews, theatre reviews, television reviews, and music reviews. These reviews are not intended to give criticism but more to give an overview on art that I like


TheCreator represents the artist in me. An artist who has the need to create. In this category are articles on all my different art creations. It includes Web Designs, Photographs, drawings and more.